A new era of security is here.
Compromised account server hacks are now a thing of the past.
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Our products

Pandez Guard

Advanced server verification system to protect your community from bot raids and other unpleasant bot interactions.

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Pandez Shield

Add an extra layer of authentication when performing dangerous server actions.

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Pandez Tools

Run giveaways with automatic wallet address collection, advanced requirements, and more.

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Server Locking & Access Codes

Lock your server to new members and allow certain members to join with a custom access code.

Captcha Verification

Make new members complete a safe, in-channel, text or image captcha to gain access to your server.

Safety Warnings

Show safety warnings to new members, like closing their DMs to prevent unsolicited advertisers, scammers, impersonators, and more.

Rules Agreement

Make new members agree to your server's rules before gaining access to your server.

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2FA Authentication

Server mods and admins must authenticate themselves before posting announcements, giving roles, creating channels, and more.

Permission Management

Manage and give server permissions to your team safely.

Session Management

View team members with current active sessions and who are performing actions in your server.

Advanced Link Filtering

Blocks messages containing links from unauthorized users.

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Pandez Shield
Wallet Address Collection

Automatically collect and export the wallet addresses for the winners of a giveaway.

Advanced Requirements

Allow only specific roles or users to join a giveaway, blacklist specific roles or users, give a higher winning chance to a role, give a role to winners, set a maximum number of entries, and more.

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Pandez Tools

Trusted by the largest Web3 companies in the world

Our services

We build safe, unique, customizable, fully branded Discord servers, with an unparalleled onboarding experience for your community.

With us, your server will be unhackable

Our builds include advanced protection against server compromises, carefully crafted with a focus on Web3 communities.

Powered by our proprietary software, we have already saved communities millions of dollars in losses from hacking attempts.

Already have a server? We can also implement our security features into existing Discord servers, through a full, in-depth security audit.

Let's work together

Join and other top companies in working with our team of Web3, security and Discord experts.

Build a new server

Build a brand new server for your community.

Includes setup of all settings, channels, roles, bots, branding, security and the premium version of all Pandez Labs products.

Audit an existing server

Perform a security audit on an existing server.

Includes security check and fixes of all settings, channels, roles, bots and the premium version of all Pandez Labs products.

Train your team

Schedule a private security training session for your team, conducted live by Pandez.

Includes the most critical aspects of Discord security, user compromises, server compromises, prevention techniques, mitigation techniques and a Q&A segment.

General inquiries

Tell us more about your project and your needs.
We'll find a way to work together.

Helping communities since 2017

Pandez Labs was founded by Pandez, a Web3 consultant and security expert.

With Discord hacks on the rise and millions of dollars being lost every week, he recognized the urgent need for tailored solutions to protect Web3 communities. Drawing on his expertise and experience managing and protecting communities for esport teams and content creators since 2017, Pandez founded Pandez Labs in 2021.

Today, we are dedicated to building innovative solutions that empower communities to operate securely and confidently.


years of experience

We have been specializing in building communities, and keeping them safe for over 7 years.



Our products are currently being used in over 110k Discord servers, averaging ~150 servers being added every day.



Our products have been used by over 70 million users, and counting. We are projecting that number to be as high as 100 million by the end of 2024.


malicious accounts detected

Our products have been used to kick over 3 million potentially malicious accounts from Discord servers.

What our clients say

Most of our clients take to Twitter to vouch for our work.

#MocaSafe - Discord Audit ✅

We have just completed a 360 Discord security audit with @pandez_ @PandezLabs...

Mocaverse by Animoca Brands

Security Audit

Thrilled to share that our Discord was audited by @pandez_ pre-WoW Galaxy launch 🙏 Thank you Pandez and team for all your work in making web3 safer for our community!

World of Women

Security Audit

HUGE shoutout to @pandez_ - new bot on @Llamaverse_ enabled. Basically makes things impossibe to hack...


Product Integration

We're happy to be powering our revamped @PixlLabs_ Discord server with Pandez Guard!
The bot from @PandezLabs allows private...

Sappy Seals

Product Integration

New Discord 🌐
New Team 🤖
New Adventure 🚀
Same Passion 🤍...


Security Audit

Security is very important to us and we are proud to be using @PandezLabs Pandez Guard and Pandez Shield now for our Discord Server. We value our community very much and we...


Product Integration